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Icebreakrs is a simple but powerful web app that is designed to do exactly what it says.

Break the ice.



Perhaps the single, most significant impact of telecommuting is the near-total absence of face-to-face human interaction. While video calls and group chats can take care of the work aspects, the loss of social interaction can never be fully overcome in a digital workspace. The business icebreaker questions are appropriate for a work setting.

Business Icebreakers


Maybe you're on Tinder, Hinge or some other dating app. Or alternatively maybe you don't know your partner as well as you think you do. These questions are appropriate for dating and intimate relationships.

Relationship Icebreakers


Thats 'friendly' as in  in friendly Icebreakers. These are questions to share with friends preferably over a drink 🍷 or two 🥃. :)

Friendly Icebreakers

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